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Novic Purified Water is a subsidiary of Langton Investments which was established on 22 August 1988 and has been operational ever since. 

Our core business is the production of purified water, purified ice cubes and bulk water deliveries. We also do freezits.  

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To be the provider of choice of quality purified water for every individual, household and business in Zimbabwe


To keep up with global water standards and maintain them in Novic’s entire production pipeline.

Core Values





Quality Policy Statement

Novic is a wholly Zimbabwean company determined to be the preferred provider and choice of quality purified water in Zimbabwe.

Quality Objectives

  • Implementing Safety and Hygiene Standards of the utmost quality by adopting international technology and best-practices. 
  • Communicate with customers and foster mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Comply with statutory and other relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Continuously improve Quality Management Systems.
  • Promote Corporate Image through active Social Responsibility programs.
  • Create employment for Zimbabweans and empower them financially to improve their lives.

These quality Objectives and Quality Policy shall be regularly reviewed and communicated to all stakeholders for business process improvements. 

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